Welcome to the Alumni Association of Bksp !
We're here to connect BKSP alumni or ex-students from all around Bangladesh and keep you informed about the news, & events held in and around you; our alumni live all over the country and are involved in all sorts of professions and businesses, but the one thing they all have in common is the unique 'Bksp experience.'

In May of 2019, a newly-formed BKSP Alumni consultative team was established as an extension of the Alumni Association of BKSP, spreading the word to other alumni about the steps and initiatives being taken in an effort to revitalize AAB in the future.

As part of the initiatives, Alumni Association of BKSP has partnered with individuals and consulting groups to create an alumni database /or directory. We are simply trying to update our database with current information on our alumni.
Please join our AAB Membership Registration drive. It is free, fun, and discretionary.

Who are Eligible ?
All Krira college graduates and/or former students who were once admitted at BKSP shall automatically hold and retain full membership simply by completing a registration form through the designated link;

Our largest and most active alumni groups are based in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna and Sylhet and we have strong presence in the UK and other North American cities.

We are planning to host events to connect with our fellow school friends to help strengthen our relations.
After all, we have over 2500 alumni throughout the country.

We have also recently formed a Consultative Constitutional Committee, drawing from our dedicated and established alumni base. Our humble and prudent individuals in our leadership has already developed a Framework of Internal Governance (FIG) or for the matter some say 'AAB Constitution'.

If you would like to do more, we would love to have you join our consultative team for intelligence and leadership.

We are fortunate to have found a great group of ex-students - representing academic years of 1986/87 through 2018/19, and a school of spirited volunteers to help mentor and guide the Alumni Association of BKSP.

We need you to make Bksp-alumni as good as it can get!

Warm Regards,
Consultative Team, Alumni Association of BKSP